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We at Reset Race believe that Justice Require Equity. Since we started our hard-hitting, Reparationist podcast, many have tried to pin down who we are and what we’re about. We have heard it all – right-wingers, Russian plants, haters, etc. What you currently see, hear, or read is just the beginning of what we will become. We thought it would be best to tell people why we are here as opposed to the (humorous) guessing and smears. Lots to read here but, in short, we are “Black people on the Left throttling faux lefties from their Left flank.” We do enjoy our very necessary work.


American policymakers have intentionally made it difficult to sustain solidarity with Black-led movements. This is especially true when it comes to #purereparations. The need for the American Descendents of US Chattel Slavery to remain on the bottom of this society has become reflexive, involuntary dogma for most of the country.

Therefore, the key to building a new front for True Justice must be twofold:

  • Educate the populace on what reparative justice truly means for Black Americans

  • Connect this justice to helping everyone

The history of movements in the United States, from 1776 to the present, show that Black American descendants of slaves will be left behind if our needs are not prioritized. It also shows that when we win everyone wins. This is exactly why the “Powers That Be” want us to be otherized and loathed.


Lost Time

It seems the American Left has been co-opted by a handful of privileged individuals that view justice for Black America as an inconvenience or even as an obstacle. They have submitted to the genocidal designs of White Supremacy for our community, in no uncertain terms.

This group continues to forward solutions that avoid our justice claim. Our Reset Race show keeps unearthing the truth of their anti-Black American positions. We must make it uncomfortable for left & center institutions and organizations to undermine or avoid our justice claim. It is imperative that another truly equity-driven political pole be created to attract right-minded individuals. This has the potential to be much more powerful than signing on to the agendas of other groups. This will change the terms of solidarity and create a new litmus test for American justice & freedom.

Economic Resources

The country has used engineered scarcity to divide us all along race AND class. Through Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) we now understand that the standard tax/spend narrative of Federal appropriations and funding is completely wrong. The government is far less fiscally constrained than most people believe.

Training and education concerning MMT must be promoted and readily available. This has to be a point of emphasis going forward.

Reparations First!

As stated earlier, and outlined in this article, when Black America loses, all working-class and poor people lose. Therefore, we can no longer allow movements, parties, and institutions to ignore reparations. It is also imperative that people understand justice on our terms.

In their book From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century, Professor William “Sandy” Darity and Historian A. Kirsten Mullen, layout the criteria for Pure Reparations:

  • Eligibility: American citizens that can

    • Trace at least one Black ancestor to pre-1865 America

    • Must have self-identified as Black or African American on government documents for twelve years prior to the beginning of a Federal Reparations study or program.

  • Liable Party: US Federal Government

  • Primary Goal: Close the Racial Wealth Gap

  • Period of Harm: 1776 to present

  • Eras of Harm:

    • Chattel Slavery

    • Black Codes/Jim Crow

    • Current Era

      • Redlining

      • Mass Incarceration

      • War on Drugs

      • Police Brutality

  • Minimum Cost: $14T

  • Minimum Benefit:

    • Cash Payout to Eligible Individuals & Families

    • Protected Status

    • Reform Education for a minimum of 50 years

    • More

This standard must be adhered to in order to make Black America whole. Class-based and place-based policies will never fix problems created by policies that targets race and lineage. That is why Dr. Darity and Ms. Mullen’s work must be the standard-bearer for this justice claim.

Equality Through Justice Platform

Our policy standards for the nation have needed an overhaul for some time. Now is the time for that change.

  • Reparations First!

  • Tax Wealth, Not Work

  • Universal Healthcare

  • Housing as a Human Right

  • Baby Bonds

  • Federal Jobs Guarantee at $30/hr

  • Much More

This is the beginning of a new unity to build a just and equitable society. We can strike a new balance to forge a greater future. We can no longer wait for other groups to create a just platform. We must do it ourselves.

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